Welcome to God-Given-Herbs-Com using Natural Herbs
and Natural Methods to enhance well-being

  • Herbal help for:
    1. Concentration
    2. Excessive Sweating
    3. Hypo or Low Thyroid
    4. Knee Pain
    5. Muscle Cramps
    6. Osteoarthritis
    7. Pre-Depression
    8. Stress
    9. Athlete's Foot
    10. Fatigue
    11. Headaches/Migraine
    12. High blood Pressure
    13. High Cholesterol
    14. Manhood Problem
    15. Neck Pain
    16. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
    17. Prostate
    18. Stretch Marks
    19. Acne
    20. Candida Infections
    21. Hair thinning
    22. Menopausal Symptoms
    23. Anxiety
    24. Backache
    25. Emotional Pain
    26. Insomnia
    27. Low Libido
    28. Body Odor
    29. Melancholia
    30. Hormonal and Metabolism Problems
    31. Sports Injuries
    32. Separation Pain
    33. Tobacco & other Addiction Removal
    34. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • For Health Restoration, use of combination of 10 different Safe Sciences:
    1. Global Herbs
    2. Sound Therapy
    3. Prayers and Meditations
    4. Water-only Fasting
    5. Use of 5 Elements of Nature to restore health
  • Contact:
    1. eMail: Paul_Chahal@Yahoo.COM
    2. Mobile: (408) 412-1912

  • Next step:
    1. Download Symptoms and History Questionnaire.
    2. Click here to download "HerbalCaseQustions.pdf" (File Size: 30Kb, MS Word pdf)
    3. Fill up and please email back to Paul_Chahal@Yahoo.Com
    4. Free for you till this stge if I cannot benefit you and you donot take the appointment.
    5. If I can help, I will email back your appointment or call you back to co-ordinate 15-minute paid Query-session to take your symptoms and input.
    6. I will reseach solutions to help you and within 3 days I will arrange Therapeautic-session or Second Zoom session of 15 minutes.
    7. You will get email of our agreed upon soltions,typically 4 or more hurbs and methods.
    8. Your total cost of 2 Zoom session is 120 US Dollars, paid thru personal check, cash, Western Union or wired thru bank.

    A Service by: Paul Chahal, M.Sc.(Medical Technology, Gold Medalist)
    Cancer Research Scientist, 10 year hospital experience.
    Assisted in health care of 10,000 patients, in India and USA.
    Research and Development experience.
    Kindly email your Compliments, Concerns and Advice Suggestions/Advice/Feedback.
    Updated last: Feb. 2021.